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Influencer Marketing (part 2)

Influencer Marketing (part 2)

  • Finding Value for Our Company Using Influencers:

Influencers come in all levels of “celebrity,” often synonymous with audience size. Mega, Macro, and Micro influencers provide varying levels of investment and offer options for all marketing budgets. When considering what type of

campaign you’d like to run for a given project.

  • How to choose an influencer to start influencer marketing on Instagram?

The selection of influencers should be from each influential group in time intervals.

Use differently and according to the growth of our business and online store. In addition to this level of expectation:

Our Instagram ads should be based on the budget we pay and the influencer we choose.

Choosing micro-influencers as the first step in launching influencer marketing on Instagram is very important. With the help of this group, we can experience the trial and error of extensive advertising on

Instagram and get to know the correct principles of advertising. Also, since this group of Influencers on Instagram operate in a more specialized manner, their target market is clear, and they will have good advertising efficiency.

  • How much does it cost to advertise on Instagram and how can you get the best results?

Choosing an Instagram influencer to do influencer marketing on Instagram is very important and we can choose them according to the reputation and credibility of our business and online store.

It is more correct to use micro-influencers to do our advertising in the first steps. The cost of advertising by micro-influencers is lower than other groups. But the cost of advertising by macro-influencers and mega-influencers There are many more Any influencer who accepts fewer ads may charge more for

their ads. Also, many influencers who do a lot of advertising usually cost They receive less.

As a result, it is better to start advertising with micros influencers and then cooperate with other influencer groups as our work grows.

  • Influencer Marketing Campaign Process

First: Research

Determine where your audience lives. Start by analyzing the demographics of your social audiences as well as those of your competitors. Research common hashtags and explore the top influencers in your industry.

social media demographic resource, which is a helpful place to start.

Search through their followers and find an influencer whose size and rough

Second: Outreach

Once you’ve identified some candidates, start your outreach. Follow or connect with people you respect and be honest about what you’re looking for.

LinkedIn can be a great resource to find mutual connections to influencers in our field.

Email Template for Influencer Outreach

Direct Message (DM) Template for Influencer Outreach

Third: Campaign Specifics, Budget, Goals, and Contract

Create a detailed campaign plan.

When considering budget, consider the quality of the leads you’ll generate.

Compare the cost-per-click, cost-per-lead, or cost-per-sale you spend on comparable, automated channels like social media advertising or sponsored newsletters. Expect to pay more than a nonspecific audience, as influencers’

followers are curated and less frequently targeted with ads than brand accounts, therefore more engaged and higher quality.

Work with the influencer or affiliate to identify a timeline, goal or KPI list for the campaign (or each individual post), and any requirements, legal restraints, or guidelines. Make sure your goals are SMART—specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. Here’s a free template for creating SMART goals.

Who is your target audience or buyer persona? Key demographic? Create a contract detailing both the influencer’s deliverables and the agreed-upon fee and payment timeline/method. This is a good opportunity to provide brand style guides, font files, brand colors, or any other resources they may need.

Make sure you agree on messaging and give good examples of similar posts that inspire you and align with your brand.

Fourth: Tracking

A major component of any influencer or affiliate marketing campaign is tracking. Any company can provide a tracking URL to influencers, or you can choose to use either influencer/affiliate software to track and manage influencers.

Fifth: Payment

When considering how much you’ll be paying influencers, most will have a certain price they charge per post or campaign. Affiliate marketing campaigns are different, those are paid based on tracked clicks, leads, or sales generated by the affiliate. Influencers typically charge a fee for posting and the results are proposed and projected, but not guaranteed.

To get a gauge on how much you should be paying influencers at each level, first determine what type of influencer they are. Typically, Micro-influencers often looking for partnerships to help grow their brand and name. Many are happy to receive free products in exchange for a sponsored post.

Sixth: Analytics

One of the most important parts of an influencer marketing campaign is analyzing the results. As we discussed before, influencer marketing is not an exact science when it comes to predicting outcomes. After a campaign or a post has been completed (or along the way), you’ll need to look out for these metrics Influencer Marketing Challenges Suspected fake/purchased followers. Engagement rates, Catfishing/stolen images or identities Bot followers and comments.

  • Conclusion

Influencer and affiliate marketing great channels to grow the top of your funnel and get an audience of engaged followers to learn about your company from a source they trust. Influencer marketing can help you grow any part of

your funnel all the way to driving sales or helping to increase brand awareness.

With influencers and affiliates existing at every size and budget, any company can take advantage of this new strategy and see incredible results.


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