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Holistic Women's Health

We support you with your
Physical, Mental & Emotional Health

What We Offer

Comprehensive Care

We take into account everything that can affect your health and overall lifestyle, and we are here to support you through your struggles.
MaryMD addresses women-specific health issues, and is the primary place for you to go in order to find the answers to your questions or concerns about women’s health.

Trusted Knwoledgebase

Content vetted by health experts on both critical, and mostly commonly searched for women's health topics

Health Assessment

Assessment of your overall lifestyle, food, fitness, stressors and anything that contribute to your ongoing health

Wellness Coach

Platform recommends wellness improvement plans based on your health assessment report.

Care Plans

For more serious health topics, our licensed nurse practitioners can provide tailored health guidance, point to vetted resources, prescribe medications, etc.

Health Ecommerce

Women's health-related tests & devices, skincare, and nutritional products are provided all reviewed by our health experts.

Digital Community

A powerful community of like-minded women, pseudonymously sharing experiences within a simplified yet efficient forum.

We are a multidisciplinary team of health and technology experts working to reinvent how women are cared for in terms of health, wellness, and community and our name is derived from Mary Jacobi, a pioneer in women’s health and health knowledge.
Our platform is a digital holistic women’s health community, with a vetted knowledgebase, wellness coaching, care specialists and health retail, and the main values we provide within our platform are:

Take Control of your Health

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150 King St. West. Suite #200 Toronto, ON, Canada M5H 1J9