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Health Care Pregnancy with Virtual Clinics

Health Care Pregnancy with Virtual Clinics

The prevalence of gestational diabetes is increasing rapidly in many developed and

developing countries.

Short-term and long-term complications of gestational diabetes for the mother

(increased risk of cesarean section, hypertension, preeclampsia, type 2 diabetes,

macrosomic neonatal, hypoglycemia in infancy and adult-onset diabetes) with

effective treatment and attention to self-care behaviors significantly reduced.

Pregnant women is one of the groups that can use cyberspace and software to

improve the level of knowledge, health literacy and increase the level of self-care

during pregnancy.

Self-care during pregnancy includes principles and care programs that provide the

conditions that lead to the desired consequences of pregnancy. In this way, they

guarantee In fact, prenatal care can reduce the risk of death and complications from

pregnancy and childbirth by identifying and reducing potential risks.

Inadequate care of pregnant women during pregnancy, in addition to causing

problems for the health of pregnant women, can lead to adverse consequences in

the baby such as abortion, stillbirth, premature birth, low birth weight and many other

problems that it can cost the family a lot of money.

During epidemics such as Covid-19, when people are asked to comply with

quarantine and social distance to minimize exposure, many people who need

ongoing health care are reluctant to seek care for fear. In such situations, e-visits,

which are part of telemedicine services, are useful for managing vulnerable people

with chronic diseases that require frequent visits.

Therefore, the use of new technologies such as applications by pregnant mothers

improves their knowledge, self-care and enhances the possibility of remote

monitoring of pregnant women.

Telemedicine is defined as the provision of health services and medical activities

such as remote assessment, diagnosis and treatment by healthcare personnel using

telecommunications technologies such as mobile phones, e-mails, websites and


Studies in the field of telemedicine in patients with diabetes, gestational diabetes,

COVID-19 control and diabetes in COVID-19 conditions have found the use of

telemedicine to be beneficial.

The present study is a systematic review study. The information used in this study

was obtained through the study of PubMed, Google Scholar, Scopus, Science Direct

sources. To extract articles, the keywords Mobile health applications, gestational

diabetes, telemedicine, Covid-19 have been used.

The results of the current review in the context of coronavirus outbreak consider the

use of mobile software services as an appropriate and cost-effective way to prevent

the disease and reduce the maternal and fetal risks of gestational diabetes. In

addition, it can help by reducing the level of anxiety and stress in pregnant women


Of course, considering that in the current situation, most people in the community

and health care staff are using this method in an imposed manner, proper planning

to design effective methods and Cost evaluation, satisfaction of health care

personnel and pregnant women at different levels of society, as well as needs

assessment of pregnant women with gestational diabetes and health care providers

and medical staff who are in charge of remote counseling of pregnant women, to

provide short educational and health services Reducing the short-term and long-term

effects of the disease, as well as macro-level planning and policy reform, is



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